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Soon after cleansing, skin shows sign of oiliness in the T-zone.
Soon after cleansing, skin shows sign of oiliness in the T-zone.

Pores are enlarged around nose and chin area and clogged with blackheads and metabolic waste.
With exception to the T-zone, skin is generally soft, smooth, and supple.
Periodic breakouts are experienced but confined to the chin area due to stress, diet, medications, and hormonal fluctuations, but dissipates quickly.
Cheeks are comfortable.


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Skin feels moderately dry with seldom signs of oil; breakouts are a rare occurrence.
Pores are compact; skin has a smooth, even texture.
Fine lines become more apparent if skin isn't sufficintly hydrated, moisturized and nourished.
Cheeks feel comfortable (balanced moisture-to-oil ratio.)
Skin exhibits good elasticity around cheeks and jawline.


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Trockene Haut
Forehead and nasolabial folds exhibit “character lines.”
Flaking can occur especially along hairline.
Wrinkles have developed, vertical and horizontal lines have begun to form around eyes, lips.
Die Haut erhält einen gräulichen Farbton, wenn sich frühere Sonnenschäden als Verfärbungen manifestieren und dunkle Flecken entstehen, die in Richtung der Epidermis wandern.
Face experiences tautness due to a lack of moisture and oil.
Sensitivity to temperature extremes; dry, flaky patches are evident.
Broken blood vessels are more pronounced as skin begins to thin, predominantly around chin.
Elasticity declining; onset of aging has begun to take effect especially on the neck.

Trockene Haut

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Pores are obvious, open and clogged with black and whiteheads.

Skin attracts dirt and debris, and usually looks unclean and feels the need for blotting.
Skin has surplus oil (sebum) face-wide.

T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) exhibits shine and an oily film.

After cleansing, your skin develops a noticeable shine.
Die Haut hat eine grobe, orangenschalenartige Textur, fühlt sich dick an und hat ein stumpfes, fleckiges Aussehen.

Makeup seems to absorb into skin, fades easily and changes color.
Persistent breakouts and acne blemishes are accompanied by inflammatory-redness, which can lead to discoloration and in certain instances, scarring.


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